Ted’s Bday Extravaganza Weekend. Part 2.

In case you missed Part 1, we went to see FallingWater.  And, it was Fish Porch awesome!

The next day, we planned our drive home to include various little historic Civil War sites and towns throughout WV, MD & PA.  At which point, we invented a new verb and saw some pretty amazing scenery.



Not sure why the pics get smaller?



Harper’s Ferry

How did they do that? On the side of a mountain? Back in the early 1900's?

Why does every picture and wax figure of John Brown make him look batshit crazy?

We were on the Appalachian Trail for all of 5 minutes, which was 2 minutes longer than Ted's friend Pat Brown. Yes, there is a future blog post in here.


And, the icing on the cake was seeing…

The General Lee, and...

THE General Lee. Yes, that happened.




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4 responses to “Ted’s Bday Extravaganza Weekend. Part 2.

  1. Click on the smaller pics to get the full size effect. *That’s what she said.*

  2. Beans

    Great pictures. I feel like I was there. Oh yeah, where are the pictures from the 5 minutes on the Appalachian Trail?

  3. wannabeted

    Chele won’t let me post any nudie pics, Beans… It’s like I’ve said a thousand times… “Leave it to a woman to take all of the fun out of sexual harassment,”

    We actually saw the General Lee. These guys that owned the car took a picture of us at the Frank Lloyd Wright house but like I said…. “Leave it to a woman.”

  4. wannabeted

    The picture of that train was great… I was like rightthere next to the thing as it came down the tracks. I’m gonna ask Farmer Chele for the “Out take ” pictures…. The picture of me flipping John Brown was pretty good but I guess that it didn’t make the cut.

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