Blast from the Past Part 1…Toddler Pants

We’re bringing some of our favorites from the old blog until we can come up with some new material.  Until we have something exciting going on in the garden to actually talk about…

Toddler Pants

The temperature dropped about 30 degrees this afternoon, and it is downright chilly up here.  Ted had to break out the toddler pants.  What are toddler pants?  I’m so glad you asked…

These are Toddler Pants.

Confused?  So was I when I first saw Ted in his.  I peed myself laughing, and when he asked me WHAT?  I said, the last time I saw sweatpants like that was when my kids were toddlers.  And so, the name Toddler Pants was born.  He likes to wear them with his…

Rocky sweatshirt.
When he broke out this gem, I asked him if he felt the urge to go box a carcass in a meat freezer.  I totally see a trip to the Phila Art Museum in our near future.

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