Blast From the Past…Sock Monkeys Part 1

More from the old, until we have new.  This was a particular favorite of ours.

Wrong on so many levels…

So, on our day trip yesterday Ted and I were walking down the street and passed a toy store with sock monkeys in the window.  And we proceeded to have a conversation that I would have never imagined I would ever possibly have in a million years.

Ted: Hey, do you remember when we were kids and the boy sock monkeys had a dick?

Me:  Nuh-Uh.  You are lying.

Ted:  Yeah man.  They came with a little pair of shorts, and when you pulled them down his dick popped up.

Me:  I have never heard of such a thing.  You are trying to pull one over on me.

Ted:  I swear to God.  I had one.

Me:  You had a boy sock monkey…with a penis?

Ted:  I sure did.

Me:  Right.  I wasn’t born yesterday Ted.

Ted:  The girl monkeys had vaginas.  I didn’t have one of those.

Apparently, I WAS born yesterday.
Not only a vagina, but boobs too.

As if these aren’t bad enough. Googling this subject found…

Buddha Monkey
I pity the FOOL.
I have a feeling this might keep me up at night.
Or this.

Next…My ass dress.  Boy, this blog has gone WAY off topic.



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5 responses to “Blast From the Past…Sock Monkeys Part 1

  1. ferbelicious*

    haha hilarious!

  2. Nicole Streetman

    When we were little, our grandmother had a caveman doll constructed of old pantyhose(color:”ethnic”) filled with stuffing, detailed with cabbage patch doll style stitching, beady little plastic eyes, and lots of that cheap fake fur that you can buy in any crappy crafts section at any crappy store in a million colors. He had a long beard made of that stuff (dark brown) that extended to his hips. When you lifted the beard, “voila!” Let’s just say what he might have been lacking in evolutionary advances, he more than made up for in other ways. Yes, that’s right. I said my grandmother owned this bizarre little item. It was the topic of spirited conversation for me, my sis and our cousins hundreds, probably thousands, of times.

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