Getting our Cinco on. Again.

Tonight we had round 2.  This time we used our condiments and salsas for tacos with braised beef and pork short ribs.  We were a little late with supper, and hungry, so we didn’t bother with pictures.  Instead, we will amaze you with pics from another blast from the past.  This time shots we took in March, 2011 of the Super Moon.  It was too overcast to see the one last night.

Dancing Nekkid in the pale Supermoonlight.

Made you look. 😛  We weren’t actually dancing or nekkid, but we were taking pics.  This was the best one of the night.

We call him Mr. Greenjeans.

Next…we need to learn how to use the expensive ass camera we own.  I’ve seen some amazing pics today of last night’s moon.  Here’s  some of ours:

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