Damn, we’ve been busy.

With the mundane, nothing really worth a blog post.  Life is cramping our style, so here is another Blast from the Past.  The youngest spawn is so like me on steroids, that I’m pretty sure his quest for world domination will happen.  You’re welcome.

The thing about gardening if it would ever stop raining still pertains…

One Hundreds

Last week we had a classic spawnism on the way to piano.   Tonight we had no such luck, but I was reminded of a classic spawnism.  Again from the youngest.

Every year in the elementary school, they celebrate 100 days with a different activity.  One year the eldest collected 100 fall leaves and we taped them to a giant cutout of a tree that he had painted.  One year, my friend Jill slacked off and realized her daughter had to bring in 100 of something right as a blizzard hit.  She sent the child in with the one thing in the house they had 100 of…wine corks.  There’s a reason my friend Jill is my friend.  I digress.

It was the youngest’s 2nd grade year, and the teacher had the class sit down to do self portraits of what they thought they were going to look like at 100 years old.  All of my spawn’s classmates were drawing themselves with wrinkles, dentures, gray hair, no hair.  Not my child.

Too say that he is literal minded is an understatement.  Notice the attention to detail on the tombstone, and the teacher’s comment.

That teacher sure loved this child.  Always bringing the unexpected.

Next…Maybe we’ll get back to gardening.  If it would EVER stop raining.



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