Dear Mother…

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone.  If you know anything about me, you know that I am not a fan of  “Hallmark Holidays.’  You can read more about that here.  I don’t believe that an obligatory day should be set aside to celebrate a person (unless it’s a birthday) and make them feel special.  I especially don’t get behind the notion that it takes store bought cards, expensive gifts, flowers and meals out to do this either.  Hey, if you do…to each her own.  I don’t judge, but I don’t want it.  Unless, it’s from the heart and not the debit card.  I’m not so cold blooded that I don’t want the day to go by completely unacknowledged.  There’s no pressure to make it my perfect day is all.  The spawn are well aware of this.

The youngest spawn presented me this morning with a beautiful handmade card and the offer of making me an omelet.  Unfortunately, I had already eaten breakfast because I got up early to drive the eldest spawn to work at Ted’s restaurant.  Then I got the offer to do whatever I wanted for the rest of the day, “unless that entails a trip to Mars because I don’t have the ability to get you there…Yet.”  Don’t believe for one minute that the youngest spawn doesn’t have plans for this to happen in his quest for world domination.  This card almost topped the card a few years ago where he made MOM an acronym to be:

M = Magnificent

O = Obedient

M= Mom

Obedient?  LMFAO.  It could have been Obtuse, so I’m choosing to think Obedient was a  compliment?  I digress.

The eldest spawn, on the way to work told me, “Oh Yeah, Happy Mother’s Day.  I would tell you I got you something, but then that would be a lie.  And I’m not a liar.  Beside, you said you didn’t want anything.”  He really isn’t a liar. This ties as the best Mother’s Day gift ever, along with the homemade cards that are the youngest spawn’s specialties.

I had a whole My Spawn are Perfect vibe going.

And then, another gift presented itself in an odd way.  I was outside shooting the shit with Chef Ted about the day at his restaurant, where they served 550 breakfast/lunch covers for Mother’s Day, when the battle between the spawn erupted inside.  I have no idea what triggered it, but it boiled down to who could yell at who about who the biggest asshole was and involved slamming doors and more yelling accusations between the spawn.

And, the whole my “My Spawn are Perfect” bubble was burst.  It happens.

I didn’t have high hopes for supper.  Tempers flared and nasty feelings were in the air.  But, we all sat down to a family meal.  We told stories about our day, and other times.  And, the family meal vibe healed all hurt feelings.  The spawn eventually shook hands, and even went out to play soccer in the front yard while clean-up happened.  My Spawn are Perfect again at the end of another Mother’s Day.

The Blast From the Past are pics from last Mother’s Day, since we didn’t get one this year…we pretty much look the same.


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