Thank you Justin Timberlake. I think.

Farmer Ted always says that Sex Sells.  And, he is right.  I can’t remember what prompted me to check the site stats on our old blog, probably to see if our latest blast from the pasts had people clicking to read the old stuff and the comments.  You are not.  However, people are still finding the old blog and reading from the following search terms…


Happy Birthday!

Not surprising to us is that we are being found by people searching for Moms in thongs.  Because that was the real crux of our post about my ass dress.  Slightly surprising is that people are finding us by searching for Justin Timberlake’s junk as a birthday surprise.  More surprising and unlikely, they were looking for Andy Sandberg’s package.  Our apologies to the to the person who found us innocently searching for a bible quote.

Bare with us people.  We actually have GrowDammit garden stuff to blog, but it is monsoon season outside right now for today.  And, most of tomorrow.


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