This was supposed to be a post about dumpster diving…

Or, how we are teaching the spawn a lesson in being frugal.

There is a house around the corner that is being renovated after being sold at a sheriff’s auction and the tenants were finally evicted.  Anyway, they had a great wooden three tiered garden bench in the front yard for a long time and I kept meaning to ask if we could have it.  We kind of figured they were going to hang on to it b/c they had placed a rather large boulder on top of it, kind of like they didn’t want anyone to steal it in the middle of the night.  Not that something like that had occurred to us.

Today, we drove by and noticed that they had tossed this beautiful, old bench into the dumpster.  Ted and the spawn promptly took a ladder down there to retrieve it.

Rufus Dragon

The Dragon was concerned that the tall man and the spawn left the property.

Alas,  Ted & spawn came back empty handed.  They had first broken it into bits.  What a waste.  No gardening bench for us.  Or, pics for you.

Instead, we have actual garden pics from the GrowDammit gardens…

GrowDammit Lettuce

GrowDammit Lettuce

Who knew lettuce flowers?

Who knew lettuce flowers?


The raspberries are coming along despite being munch on by Bambi earlier in the Spring.


Strawberries for the Badelves.

Tomatoes & Peppers

Tomatoes & Pepper in the ground w/ tomatillos and okra to come.


GrowDammit Tomatoes


GrowDammit Peppers


GrowDammit Herbs w/ a new addition…Thai Cilantro!

Yes, we need to weed.  Yes, we need to finish putting up fence.  Yes, there is more to plant.  We are getting our GrowDammit on!



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7 responses to “This was supposed to be a post about dumpster diving…

  1. Lettuce flowering = it’s gonna bolt. Pinch, pinch, pinch!


    • I had a feeling Erin, since that is the case with herbs. Flowering also makes them bitter. I will pinch back tomorrow. I am growing them close to try cutting back an entire plant every other plant and encouraging growth instead of a harvest of the hardy leaves which also makes them bolt. We’ll see.

  2. I am bummed for you about the bench. That would have been an amazing addition for you guys!

    Growdammit acres are lookin’ mighty fine! Woo-hoo!

    • I know Mare. I can’t believe we didn’t ask. It was that really thick old school 6″ thick picnic table wood with rounded corners tongue and groove – no nails holding it together. We seriously thought they were keeping it. The renovation has been going on for 7 months and there it sat in the front yard with a huge boulder on it. Live and learn.

  3. Jody

    You make me feel so darn inadequate with that awesome garden of yours. I’ll have to take some pictures of our front yard redneck garden for you!! We have 3 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, 3 cucumber plants, and I think 4 each of Broccoli and cauliflower. We do it mainly for the kiddos. Nothing like having them run out front to pick their afternoon snacks in the summer! Oh and we did a planting garden too of flowers – lots of dahlia’s. I’m looking forward to being able to help the kids pick bunches of flowers to take home to their mommies this summer. :=)

  4. Beans

    Awesome…..that is a beautiful, freaking garden. Grow baby grow

  5. Clara

    I love dumpster diving! Good try and better luck next time.

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