Warriors and a Weenie

If you recall, I recently suspected my friends of trying to kill me.  If you don’t, you can read about it here.

Yesterday, we ran the Warrior Dash.  My plotting friends were foiled because I am indeed still alive.  Take that friends.  I am relatively unscathed other than a bruise on my thigh and one on my ass.  We became Warriors!  Rather, my friends became Warriors, and I am an enormous Weenie.  I’m okay with that because, like I said I’m unscathed.  I skipped most of the obstacles.  By most, I mean all but 2 3/4.  I climbed over a few walls and under a few barbed wire fences.  I went down the ginormous water slide, where I’m pretty sure I got the butt bruise and Hepatitis from the mouthful of muddy water I inhaled at the end.   And I jumped over the low burning end of the wall of fire, pretty much where the logs had stopped burning.  What?  I have a fear of heights, and I’m terrified of falling.  Especially terrified of falling into a pile of burning logs.  I only skipped the obstacle at the end where you climb through a mud pit under barbed wire, because I had wrenched my back a little on the block wall obstacle and was worried I couldn’t physically do it not because I was scared to do it like the other obstacles.  At least I’m a smart Weenie, and know my limitations.  Don’t worry, my friends made sure that I was good and covered by their mud pit mud at the finish line.  One of my friends was so enthusiastically making sure it covered my chest that I had to point out she was feeling me up on camera in front of 25,000 people.  We got marginally clean by joining a mosh pit being sprayed by firehoses, grabbed our free beers, ate a turkey leg and went back to my friend’s farm which I have loving dubbed…

The Shithole

The Shithole

We continued the “Old as Dirt” 50th bday celebrations with fine wine and nosh and two more friends I had never met before.  That is how I ended up sleeping with a woman I just met yesterday.  Wue-Hoo!!

I have to get permission from all parties to put pics of us at the Dash up.  If they all agree, I’ll put them up tomorrow.  If they don’t, just imagine a group of 7 hotties covered in mud from head to toe.  Well, 6 hotties and a Weenie.


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7 responses to “Warriors and a Weenie

  1. Jill

    wue hoo!!! you are not a weenie- you rocked it!

  2. Clearly my friend, notice the lack of plurality, is setting me up. “You are not a weenie” = we will be doing this again and it will more than likely kill you. I’ve got your number friends.

  3. Cols

    Absofuckinglutely YES you can post that stunning picture!
    And btw, Meesh is NOT a weenie. She did the course even tho the intellectual part of her said NO. And yes, she crossed the finish line for her medal covered in mud.
    And she’s got great boobies.

  4. wannabeted

    Yeah… She has a great set!

  5. I’ll put pics up tomorrow!

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