Roasted tomato -basil vinaigrette.

So this is what’s on my mind. Tomato-basil vinaigrette. I’m trying to come up with the weekly specials for work.. Farmer Chele comes with the good ideas… We’ll get together and brainstorm. It’s cool. The tomato vin is gonna be a fuckin’ HIT. Drizzle it over some big ‘ol fat daddy Diver scallops.OH! Then we’ll hit the top of the scallop with some basil pasto that’s mixed in with some panko (For a little crunch). Next we’ll hit ’em with  some butter poached leeks and Wadmalaw sweet onions… throw that on a lobster roll…..Shit. That’ll work.



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3 responses to “Roasted tomato -basil vinaigrette.

  1. We nixed the sandwich idea. Instead it’s panko-pesto seared diver scallops on mixed greens w/ butter poached leeks and tomato basil vinaigrette and shaved locatelli parm. See how we work together?

  2. Sandwich or not, my mouth is watering! What a team you two are! =)

  3. wannabeted

    I’m liking the salad more and more. We DO make a good team Mare; and this is the way that we attack any other situation that comes our way… Through teamwork. No one person “calls the shots.” This is one of the main reasons why we’re together. More often than not… Chele runs the show here but I’ll help out whenever she needs some backup. (I’m the heavy…) Besides… Whenever I get home from work… Thinking is pretty much the LAST thing that I want to do. Well… Thinking and breathing… Are the last two things that I want to do. We’re busy as SHIT at our “little” Cafe. Serving between 400 and 500 people on a busy weekend is a LOT of work but We pull it off The eldest Spawn has landed a job there, He seems to like it. Like I explained to him… If you know the Food and beverage trade? You can get a job ANYWHERE in the world. (Because trying to sweat finding a job? Really sucks ass.) You can meet all sorts of different people too…. Some are really nice folks but then on the other hand… You can meet some real fuckers out there. It’s all a life’s lesson. (And the kid gets paid to do it…. And look at all of the hot chicks that work there.) So life’s pretty good for him right now.

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