Warning…Rant Ahead

I was up at the middle school bright and early eagerly awaiting yet another proud spawn moment during the end of the year 6th grade award ceremony.  Even though I got there at the recommended 8am, the place was already a zoo.  I scooted in and found myself with several other parents standing against the back wall and leaving enough room between me and the chairs so people could pass through.  I could see the stage, so I had no complaints.


And then, this asshole walked in, stopped and stood right in front of me.

I am 5’2″.  I paused to take a pic so that I could embarrass him on Facebook and the blog, then I tapped him on the shoulder and said in my polite but clearly annoyed voice, “Hey there, if you stand there then I can’t see.”

He looked put out at having to be displaced, but he moved.

And then, a very late and harassed looking couple came in and stood in the exact same spot as the above asshole.  This not only blocked my view but that of a really sweet granny standing to the left of me.  She looked at me and said, “And, as soon as you ran one off here’s more.  Rude.”  She was loud enough that I’m sure the proud parents heard, but they ignored it.  At which point, I tapped them both on the shoulders and said in my not so polite and clearly annoyed voice, “So, we who got here on time have to move to be able to see the stage because you got here late and don’t want to stand in the hall?”

And then, it got good.  They both turned to look at me, the wife with a half of a sneer.  I guess the husband recognized the look in my eye saying that I meant business and I don’t mind causing a scene, because he grabbed her arm and moved them right along.  Probably didn’t hurt that he was the one blocking granny.  Smart choice dude.

Here’s what struck me the most.  When confronted, neither the asshole or the couple seemed “surprised” that people were already standing behind them when they chose their spot.  I’ll give you, an “Ooops, I didn’t see you there.”    I’ve been just that person to accidently get in front of someone.  But, both of these were blatant acts of entitlement.  The I am more important than you, my time is more valuable than yours type.

What scares me for the future, is that when it is behavior exhibited by the parent I can’t imagine what the child is going to grow up to become.

The most important advice that I give the spawn, and reinforce is “Be yourself, just don’t be an asshole.”

For the record, the youngest spawn’s award was standing amongst the Top Ten Geography Students of the Year.  My pride grew x times for him today, as it does at the end of every school year.


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6 responses to “Warning…Rant Ahead

  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats to the youngest spawn, who so totally rocks!

    Oh, and although your advice is wonderful, your spawn clearly won’t grow up to be assholes, ’cause their Mama would never stand for it! 😉

  2. Anonymous

    OMG! I am so glad (not really happy it happened to you, but…) that this happens to others too. I am 5’2″ also and people will constantly do this to me as though I don’t meet their line of vision….really pisses me off. In fact, the other night in Walmart (which I am beginning to detest) the cashier’s register was on the fritz (of course after I unloaded my cart) so the manager moved him the the next register and offered to help me move my stuff. Meanwhile, after my cart was loaded AGAIN I was proceeding to the next line while the cashier was waiting on me and a lady gets behind me. I told her that the register was broken and I was moving over to the next aisle since the cashier was waiting. She then proceeded to actually move into THAT line in FRONT of me! I said rather loudly, “SERIOUSLY?” At that point, she turned and said you can go ahead of me. I did not thank her since I was NEXT in line. People these days are assholes, whether it be in a store, at a function or on the road. I used to bite my tongue, but lately I speak up because I am so sick of the rudeness and then they have the gall to wonder what the hell is wrong with their kids. Um, hello your kids learned from you asshole….set a better example. I’m with you on this Michelle, Elizabeth (my daughter) better not grow up trying to be that way.

  3. Anonymous

    Yep, the 5′ 2″ syndrome…I’m right there with you. The older I get, the more blunt I get to those rude asshats. -Anna

  4. Anonymous

    Anna, right there with you. I forgot to put my name on my rant above….ooops must be the age getting to me! Rainie

  5. Beans

    “I know what I stand for, I know what i don’t stand for, and may I have the courage to live my life accordingly”

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