Proud Spawn Moment?

I took the eldest spawn yesterday to take his driving test, and he passed with flying colors.  Which, we had no doubt he would.  So, now he is able to be on the road without a responsible adult in the car.  Not that he ever had one of those with him when Ted and I were letting him chauffeur us around…I mean get his practice hours in.

I kid.


On the way home, he was telling me about it.

Me:  So, how was the parallel parking?

Spawn:  I owned it.

Me:  Great.

(the parallel parking is the first obstacle they do and if they can’t do that then they don’t even continue the test)

Spawn:  Yeah.  I did that, and then she (his examiner) said “You can exit.”

Me:  And?

Spawn:  So, I unhooked my seatbelt because I thought she meant I should exit the car.  And, she said “I meant exit the obstacle area…not the car.”

Me:  omg.bwahaahaaahaahaa. Really?

Spawn:  Yeah.  She said that until today she’s only ever had foreigners do that.

Me to Myself:  Did I inadvertently misrepresent my household in the Census?

Like I said, he aced the test and he got his license.  I am very proud of him.


In style even.

Anyway, consider yourself warned because this is what you are up against.



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2 responses to “Proud Spawn Moment?

  1. Bwahaaaa! Well, you should be proud of him. He follows directions well!

    Congrats, Eldest Spawn!

  2. Beans

    Love this story. Good luck on the road Eli. Where can I get that eyewear?

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