RIP Mr. Greenjeans

If you don’t remember your introduction to our yard art, click here.

Mr. Greenjeans

Mr. Greenjeans in the SuperMoonLight

Ted murdered him with the lawn mower.

Mr. Greenjeans

Mr. Greenjeans Mowed Down

Mr. Greenjeans

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses their legs.



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3 responses to “RIP Mr. Greenjeans

  1. Poor Mr. Greenjeans. In that last photo, he appears to be screaming out in terror. RIP, oh keeper of the garden.

  2. wannabeted

    “Farmer Ted” didn’t hit Mr. Greenjeans per se… He was hit by a deer; (A John Deere.) We’ll just add him to the list of numerous incidents that I’ve had during my tenure as groundskeeper here at Wannabe Farms. Here’s the causality list…


    (1) 2 port brass hose bib. $ 8 bucks

    (1) 4 port brass hose bib. $40 bucks

    (1) Bad ass commercial hose $60 bucks

    (1) Super bad ass commercial
    hose $90 bucks

    (Several) Sprinkler heads $45 bucks

    (1) Mr. Greenjeans $ (unknown)

    (1) Entire battalion of green
    plastic Army men $ (About 2 bucks)

    The above statics do not include several species of annuals and perennials that have found themselves to be “In my way.” Grounds keeping around here is some serious business. (Pricey too.)

  3. wannabeted

    And on a lighter note…. You can click on the link up top and get redirected to our old blog and read all about how Jill chopped her bush! It’s kinda ironic that I would have read that seeing as how she just got a haircut… (Looks good, Jill!)

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