Happy Day After Independence Day, Part 2

If you missed Part I, click here.

I know y’all are waiting on baited breath from yesterday’s cliffhanger.  I also know that the title of this post makes no sense, sort of.

We made it to Havre de Grace, and our hopes were high.  It was a cute, if small, town.  Some of the shops/antique stores were open for business so we browsed.  Ted found a cool Freemason mug from the 1950’s.

Jesus Saves

I found this gem.

We were told that the best place for crabs was a seafood place across town, and off we went.  We pulled up and parked beside what appeared to be a dive.  That’s okay by us.  You can find some great food in a dive.  We got a table, placed our beer order and asked about the price of crabs.  And, we were quickly disappointed when the waitress informed us that you have to have a reservation to get crabs?  What?  I guess we weren’t far enough south of the Mason Dixon. Since, we were starving we ordered a few appetizers.  Ted went to use the Men’s Room, and that ended our disappointment.  Apparently the facilities were filthy.  It probably ended up a good thing we were denied our crabs.  The dive was not a dive, but a dump.  We prayed to the No Food Poisoning Please gods, ate our overpriced, mediocre crab fritters, frozen onion rings and under seasoned coleslaw and got the hell out of dodge hoping to find another place on the way home where we could find some crabs.  Which we didn’t.

What we did find was…


Maryland’s Motto should be “The State with a Discount Liquor Store on Every Corner.” They are everywhere. There was another across the intersection from this one.  The next time we want to celebrate something, we know where we can’t get crabs. But, we know where we can get some Moonshine.

Pit Beef

We found where we can get some probably decent pit beef. We’re just not sure when. Havre de Grace apparently has an 8th day. Or, Harry has some kind of weird space time continuum thing going on. Yes, it was spelled the same on both sides of the sign.

Hummingbird Feeder

Where we can find some inappropriate hummingbird feeders.  As if the whole anatomically correct sock monkey thing isn’t disturbing enough.  This was a mouse. They also had a chicken.


The answer to the our question about “Hatem, hate who?” The “em” would be unsuspecting tourists. Why? We can only surmise they hate us to leave. How did we draw this conclusion? By paying the whopping $6 toll they charged us to leave.

See ya’ Havre de Grace.  If we had gotten our hands on some celebratory crabs, it would probably be worth paying $6 to leave.


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4 responses to “Happy Day After Independence Day, Part 2

  1. I think that little gem you found was a sign. A sign that Jesus saves you from bacterial laden crabs!

    Oh, and I always like a little beef on Firday. Don’t you?

  2. Mare, if Jesus didn’t then the moonshine surely would’ve.

  3. wannabeted

    This was “Hands DOWN….” The biggest bullshit Day Trips yet. The Frank Lloyd Wright house??? Was cool as FUCK! Havre de Grace? Was NOT cool as fuck…. Havre de Grace sucks. I’m not really gonna elaborate on this fuckin’ dump where we stopped in for Crabs and Bloody Marys but I will say this….. The land across the street from “Said Dump” is up for sale… Water Front…. Just sayin’… Deep Water…. Susquehanna River! (Just sayin’….)

    At Noon? I was at the Dupont Estate…. Livin’ it up like I was King Shit and less than two hours later??? I’m in Havre de Grace. Oh how the mighty have fallen…..

  4. wannabeted

    YEAH! And then had to pay a Six Dollar fuckin’ toll to get OUT of Havre de Grace!

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