Ted Terrific

We had supper with the youngest spawn tonight out on the deck.  Somehow, the following conversation occurred:

Me (to Ted):  You know, your chest hair grows in the shape of a T.  Like for Super Ted.

Spawn:  We noticed that too.  He says it’s for Terrific.

Me:  Really now?  Maybe we should shape it up with the clippers.

Ted:  We could shape into a naked lady with an anchor.

Me:  I thought more like shape it up to better define the T.

Ted:  I thought naked lady.

Me:  I don’t think I can be that creative with the clippers.

Ted:  The Spawn here is pretty artistic.

Me (to Spawn):  Do you want to shave Ted’s chest?

Spawn:  Thanks.  I’ve lost my appetite, and wish I had lost my hearing.

Me:  I take that as a no?

Spawn:  May I be excused?

Ted:  I have hair on my butt too.

This is why we rarely sit down to a family meal.

And if it is possible to slam a sliding glass door, the youngest Spawn did.  The eldest spawn is probably grateful to be hiking out West right about now.

I swear when I was driving home tonight, I promised myself this would be about the garden.


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8 responses to “Ted Terrific

  1. Ha! How is that garden growing anyway? 😉

  2. Anonymous

    We went overboard, Anna…..

    • Anonymous

      Anyways…. This garden is HUGE…. We have all sorts of crazy stuff growing in there. I’ve been taking some flowering oregano to work with me and garnishing up the plates….

  3. So why I keep coming up as “Anonymous…” I dunno. I guess that I should “Smarten myself up” with this new Blog…..

  4. Ha! I can totally hear this conversation in my head, and can imagine the youngest Spawn’s face. Priceless!

    Oh, and if you do decide on the naked lady, please blog about that. Photos included. 😉

  5. wannabeted

    Oh! To be sure, Mare. I was thinking something along the lines of maybe… A mermaid or something like that; Kinda like the one on the can of Chicken of the sea…. But not as hot..

  6. Hmmm. Since your woman is so damn hot, what you need to do is to have her likeness, in mermaid form, shaved into your chest hair. Think about it…she’d always be with you!

  7. wannabeted

    I totally forgot about this. I guess that I should read back on all of our stuff!

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