GrowDammit Bounty

Yummy things are ready to harvest…

GrowDammit Bounty

…rattlesnake beans, cherry toms, bell peppers, hot peppers, okra and hungarian wax peppers.

Because we only had 4, we grilled the okra.  And, then we had to fight over them.  *drool*  I love me some fried okra, but it is really good grilled.  The only other way I like okra is in okra rice.  Okay, so that’s a lie.  I also like it in a gumbo.  I do not like it stewed with tomatoes.

We also had to take care of a small garden emergency.  Because the ground up here is so saturated, all of our tomato cages had fallen over under the weight of the fruiting vines.  It was a mess.  We had to stake up all of the cages.  This would have been no big deal, except the mandibles with wings had a field day with my ankles.  Despite the bug spray.  I probably have West Nile now.  Thanks garden.

Aly’s Okra Rice

  • sliced okra
  • rice cooked in chicken broth
  • cooked bacon, crumbled (reserve the bacon fat)

Heat up a little of your bacon fat in a skillet and saute your okra in that.  Stir the okra into the rice and cook it in the oven At 350 in a casserole dish for 15-20 minutes.  Stir in your crumbled bacon.

I think I got that right.  Aly is my sister.  Hopefully she’ll chime in if I screwed it up.



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9 responses to “GrowDammit Bounty

  1. Toire

    What about succotash? Okra succotash kicks ass! Okra, limas, bell pepper, corn and onion sautéed in bacon fat or butter. Maybe add some tomato if you are do inclined.

  2. Ernie Passailaigue

    Okra and tomato soup rocks!

  3. wannabeted

    You know it! I’m gonna grill the okra before I put it into the soup… That’ll teach ’em. (Try the grilled okra… The smallest ones that you can find.)

    Trust us on this one…

  4. wannabeted

    That okra succotash sounds GOOD! I’m stealing it for work. Okra succotash on a piece of Grouper. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know how it sold. (It’ll sell out.)

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  6. Okra in succotash? WHAT? That sounds awesome. I never would have thought of it T!

    T is another sister. She knows her shit.

    Bob Smith…I don’t like okra and tomatoes together, unless they are in a gumbo.

  7. Just catching up with this blog….The bounty is looking awesome! Did you guys plant more than last year? (Referring to comment on other post….about going overboard??)

  8. Aly

    You got it Sis! Hey, I also saute the onions in the bacon fat, then dump the okra and onions into the cooked rice and heat in oven to marry flavors, around 300 for about 30 minutes covered. Actually sometimes it is better the next day. Can’t wait to see the boys later this week! Love to all of you, Alys Anne

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