Fried Green Tomato Pimento Cheese Burgers

Is what this blog post is supposed to be about.  Instead, just as we sat down on the back deck to chow down, something way cooler happened.

Cooler than Monarch Butterfly Porn.

Cooler than when Farmer Ted saw not one, but two, squirrels fall out of the sycamore tree.  (I’ll let him tell you all about that.)

Almost as exciting as when Farmer Ted demanded to see the White House Garden.

And, it involves our


our elusive hummer.

Like I said we were getting ready to eat, when all of the sudden right over the Growdammit veggie garden, something started raising a ruckus and flying back and forth like a pendulum from pretty high in the sky and diving low.  The whole thing lasted about 20 seconds, and the damn thing must have flown back and forth at least 10 times.

Ted:  What the fuck is that?

Me:  I don’t know.  What the fuck IS that?

Ted:  I think it’s a hummingbird.

Me:  There are two of them.  Do you think they are fighting?

Ted:  I think they’re mating?

Me:  While flying around like that?

Ted:  I dunno.  I do know I’ve never seen anything like that.

Turns out the chattering was the female who was somewhere in the garden, and the male was performing his courtship dive.  According to eHow…

“The courtship dive is a display of strength and endurance that is performed by male hummingbirds. At the beginning of the mating season, males climb upwards of 60 feet or more, according to the How to Enjoy Hummingbirds website. They dive back toward the earth reaching top speeds of 50 miles per hour, averaging 30 miles per hour. The hummingbirds fly in a U-shaped arc, pulling out of the dive as they get near the female. This is done several times in succession.”


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One response to “Fried Green Tomato Pimento Cheese Burgers

  1. Damn. You guys get the courtship dance, and we just got three hummers fighting for the four perches on the feeder.

    Those burgers sound amazing…

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