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Historic Preservation

Ever since I moved up here over 18 years ago, there has been a vacant (not abandoned) old stone barn for sale.  It sat on a small plot of green between a pretty big highway and a side street.  It was not crumbling, the stone was well pointed and the woodwork was always nicely maintained and painted.  I never understood why it sat there so long.  I imagine that the asking price was way too expensive for what could be done with the space.  It couldn’t reasonably be residential.  For a business, there would be sparse parking.  But, surely some enterprising soul could figure out a great use for this beautiful old building.  There had to be an entrepreneur with a heart for history and deep pockets to save it?

About six months ago, the For Sale sign went away and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for this architectural gem.  I thought it would make a nice Antique Barn, or a specialty foods space.  I was born and raised in Charleston, SC.  If you know anything about Charleston, you know her sons and daughters are quite rabid about historic preservation.

Imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner off of the exit ramp one day to find out that the new owners had turned that beautiful barn into…

Digital Billboard Monstrosity


A digital billboard monstrosity.  They tore a piece of history down to its foundation.  For this.

People are assholes.  And greedy.  I really have no words.  Other than I will never buy anything from anyone that chooses to buy ad space on this blight.  I realize that my protest will have little impact on the said businesses, but it’s the principal of the thing.

*  I stole this picture off of the internet b/c when I’m driving down that highway doing 50mph, I am not pulling out my camera.



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The Thing About Delaware

Everybody knows that they are “The First State.”  And, according to Wikipedia…

“The state does not assess sales tax on consumers. The state does, however, impose a tax on the gross receipts of most businesses. Business and occupational license tax rates range from 0.096% to 1.92%, depending on the category of business activity.

Delaware does not assess a state-level tax on real or personal property. Real estate is subject to county property taxes, school district property taxes, vocational school district taxes, and, if located within an incorporated area, municipal property taxes.”

They also do not have a state income tax.  The state line is literally 15 minutes from our house.  Why don’t we live in Delaware and commute?  The public schools are apparently horrible.  Or, so I was led to believe when I lived even closer to the state line in my first house 10 years ago by parents whose children went to the eldest spawn’s preschool.  THEY CHOSE to send their kids to school in Pennsylvania, so don’t sue me Delaware.

What they don’t advertise is how friendly they are.  One thing you notice immediately, is how they like to bid you Welcome.  To every last subdivison that there is.  With…

Delaware Subdivision Signs

…Big Ass Welcome Signs Featuring Paul Revere

We managed to snap pics of about 1/4 of the signs we actually passed on my birthday trip to Annapolis.

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Annapolis, MD

If you read our last blog post, then you know that last weekend we had an overnight to Annapolis for my birthday present.  If you didn’t, click here.

After Chef Ted got off of work on Sunday, we set Sybil to navigate us w/ no tolls and no highways hoping for a nice leisurely drive occasionally by the water.  If you don’t know who Sybil is, click here.

We soon realized that instead of water, we were on a course of never ending stoplights.  After Sybil navigated us here, we changed her to just take us via the highway.

Dead End

Seriously Sybil?

We did pass the place that I discovered on a previous day trip where the local nuns go to take their sin off

It'll Take Your Sin Off

The Wawa bathroom w/ a supersonic hand dryer.

Finally, we arrived at our destination.

Loew's Annapolis

When I checked in on Facebook, my friend Tink commented “Finally, they get a room.” LMFAO

Michelle at the front desk was Amazing!  She told us that we were getting a room upgrade.  At which point I looked at Ted and said “Happy Birthday to Me!”  At which point, she said “In that case, you get upgraded again to a room w/ a balcony and complimentary breakfast.”  Michelle Rocks.


Ted now insists he be called Commodore. The flash is obscuring the “Cl” in Class, but I like to believe that life imitates art.


Finally. They admit they CAN be bought.

Starbucks, where the coffee is bitter…


…and so are the employees.

Very quaint little town.  We will definitely be back.




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BaldHeadFred got us drunk.

And, then this happened…

Dashboard Jesus

Happy Birthday to Me!  I’ll take enlightenment wherever I can get it.

Anyways, Jesus is not suitable for children under 3 years.  The dashboard kind that is.  Good to know, because this is totally something I would have picked up for a toddler birthday.  If Ted or I meet an early demise, feel free to blame our new friend Fred.

Stay tuned for more about our adventures in Annapolis.

This post courtesy of who bought the shout out with a couple of beers, some oysters and an afternoon of laughs.  Apparently, he’s a pocket sized drummer or a drummer for your pocket.  Somebody everyone should have in their bag of tricks.


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Feeling Crabby

We had some leftover crab from the eldest spawn’s birthday, so we made crab salad.

Crab Salad Stuffed Tomato

And, we stuffed it into a GrowDammit tomato. Because they are coming out of our ears.

I know, I know.  We just stuffed shrimp salad into some cherry toms for appetizers, so this might not be the most exciting thing, but the picture turned out rather nice and we had to brag.

We did use a yellow bell pepper from our garden in the crab salad.  Instead of mayo, we re-used the lemon-dijon vinaigrette from our Steakhouse Cobb Salad the other night.

GrowDammit Crab Salad

  • lump crab
  • lemon dijon vinaigrette
  • spicy pepper chow-show
  • yellow bell pepper, finely minced
  • white onion, finely minced
  • minced chives for garnish
  • salt & pepper to taste

Mix it all up.  Stuff it into a hollowed out tomato if you have one handy.  Much better the next day.


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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Farmer Ted and I were picking tomatoes on Sunday, and when we were done my back hurt like I had pulled a muscle.  The next day at work, I bent over to pack up our marketing box for a conference this week and heard/felt a pop in the same area.  The pain almost took me to my knees.  Yesterday morning I woke up and the pain was unbearable, so I went to the doctor.  The verdict…herniated disc.  To add insult to injury, they didn’t even give me any good drugs.  Acetaminophen doctor?  Really? At least I am feeling the love from my heating pad.

Tonight, Farmer Ted had to pick the tomatoes by himself, because they are trying to kill me.


We are officially up to our eyeballs in tomatoes.

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Happy Birthday Eldest Spawn!

Remember the mantra…Be Yourself, Just Don’t Be An Asshole.

Blue Crabs Running Scared

Blue Crabs Running Scared

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It’s too damn hot to cook, so what do we do?


But, we did it very minimalistic.  We are having our bazillionth heat wave of this Summer, so I thought a nice light, cold picnic type supper would be perfect.  Also ever since watching the Food Network’s Special The Big Waste, we try to empty the fridge of leftovers when they start to pile up before we have to throw stuff away.  Rufus Dragon likes it, as he often gets a little something extra in his food bowl at the end of the day.

If you tuned in yesterday, you know we harvested a shitton of tomatoes and used some of them to make Shrimp Creole.  We have even more tomatoes ripening every second, and we had a few shrimp that we didn’t use b/c it was more than we could eat.  We also had some flank steak leftover from Friday night’s meal, and some hard boiled eggs that really needed some attention.

Without further ado, we present our Leftover Picnic…

A GrowDammit Picnic

A GrowDammit Picnic

Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed w/ Shrimp Salad, GrowDammit Deviled Eggs (featured last in our Steakhouse Cobb Salad) and a Flank Steak Sandwich w/ caramelized onions, ancho-tomato jam and dijon mustard on a mini-croissant.

Of course, we had to eat it indoors because a round of severe thunderstorms rolled through.  It’s been a really crappy Summer weather wise up here in Yankee land.

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Right from the GrowDammit Gardens…


GrowDammit Tomatoes

A shitton of tomatoes.

If you are my Facebook friend, you know that last week I made a whole blog post that disappeared about our tomatoes.

And, then all of the tomatoes we harvested disappeared.  Because Chef/Farmer Ted took them to his restaurant.  Every.Last.One.

And, he caught a lot of Facebook grief about that.  Not just from me.

And, he has been given the go ahead to take a lot of what must be almost 20 pounds of tomatoes this time.  But, he has to leave us a few.  Despite the fact that the tomato jungle we have going on threatens to bury us in tomatoes shortly (future blog post…The Tomato Jungle…wait for it), I am still insistent that we at least have enough remaining to cook with and do amazing dishes like tonight.

Tonight, we had a bastardized version of my sister Aly’s Okra Rice.  We had GrowDammit Shrimp Creole (because all of the veggies came from our garden except for the onion) over Okra & Rattlesnake Bean Rice.

GrowDammit Okra & Rattlesnake Beans

GrowDammit Okra & Rattlesnake Beans

GrowDammit Shrimp Creole

GrowDammit Shrimp Creole & Aly’s Okra Rice Bastardized.  I’m sure she won’t mind.

GrowDammit Shrimp Creole

The only veggie on that plate that we didn’t grow was the onion. We plan to correct that next year.



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Don’t be such a jick!

That’s what happens when the youngest spawn is good and fed up with being teased by the eldest spawn and calls him a name that emphasizes he is being a little bit of a jerk with a healthy dose of being a dick thrown in.  In this case, the youngest spawn was good and pissed, and stuttered a bit to get the insult out.

Turns out, he isn’t the first.  It’s already in the Urban Dictionary.


“A complete and utter asshole,” which I’m sure the eldest spawn was being.

Fine Urban Dictionary.  We submitted our good friend Mannie‘s definition for the verb we created, boober, and you still only have nouns listed on your site.


The fuck with the verb hate Urban Dictionary?

Anyway, on the part of the youngest spawn it is brilliant b/c he is being insulting w/out cursing, which is always imaginative.  Not that I have a problem with cursing, but I do applaud a good imagination.  He is famous for his spawnisms.

It has also prompted several new GrowDammit vocabulary terms…jickhead, jickbump, jickweed.  You get the picture.


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