Don’t be such a jick!

That’s what happens when the youngest spawn is good and fed up with being teased by the eldest spawn and calls him a name that emphasizes he is being a little bit of a jerk with a healthy dose of being a dick thrown in.  In this case, the youngest spawn was good and pissed, and stuttered a bit to get the insult out.

Turns out, he isn’t the first.  It’s already in the Urban Dictionary.


“A complete and utter asshole,” which I’m sure the eldest spawn was being.

Fine Urban Dictionary.  We submitted our good friend Mannie‘s definition for the verb we created, boober, and you still only have nouns listed on your site.


The fuck with the verb hate Urban Dictionary?

Anyway, on the part of the youngest spawn it is brilliant b/c he is being insulting w/out cursing, which is always imaginative.  Not that I have a problem with cursing, but I do applaud a good imagination.  He is famous for his spawnisms.

It has also prompted several new GrowDammit vocabulary terms…jickhead, jickbump, jickweed.  You get the picture.



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2 responses to “Don’t be such a jick!

  1. wannabeted

    Seeing as how my lair is directly underneath the neighborhood hangout room… I hear it all. It’s not like I’m spying or anything it’s just that there’s usually a bunch of yellin’ and carryin’ on upstairs and I hear it down here.
    “Jick” is a pretty good one… Pretty creative. The one’s that I hear the most are… “Asshole” and “Fucking Jerk.” Like I said… I’m right underneath all of the action so I can kinda know in advance when someone’s getting ready to get called a “Fucking Jerk.”

    In case anyone was wondering… The Eldest spawn is (9 times out of 10…)

    The Fucking Jerk.

    Speaking of… It’s strange now that the eldest has become all street legal… He wants to use the car… He takes the car… Comes BACK with the car (Not all beat up and shit) and then goes about his business; Drops Chele off at work… Picks her up when He’s supposed to….

    Pretty good feeling.

  2. Sibling Rivalry at its finest.

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