It’s too damn hot to cook, so what do we do?


But, we did it very minimalistic.  We are having our bazillionth heat wave of this Summer, so I thought a nice light, cold picnic type supper would be perfect.  Also ever since watching the Food Network’s Special The Big Waste, we try to empty the fridge of leftovers when they start to pile up before we have to throw stuff away.  Rufus Dragon likes it, as he often gets a little something extra in his food bowl at the end of the day.

If you tuned in yesterday, you know we harvested a shitton of tomatoes and used some of them to make Shrimp Creole.  We have even more tomatoes ripening every second, and we had a few shrimp that we didn’t use b/c it was more than we could eat.  We also had some flank steak leftover from Friday night’s meal, and some hard boiled eggs that really needed some attention.

Without further ado, we present our Leftover Picnic…

A GrowDammit Picnic

A GrowDammit Picnic

Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed w/ Shrimp Salad, GrowDammit Deviled Eggs (featured last in our Steakhouse Cobb Salad) and a Flank Steak Sandwich w/ caramelized onions, ancho-tomato jam and dijon mustard on a mini-croissant.

Of course, we had to eat it indoors because a round of severe thunderstorms rolled through.  It’s been a really crappy Summer weather wise up here in Yankee land.

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4 responses to “It’s too damn hot to cook, so what do we do?

  1. wannabeted

    Not ONLY was it too hot to cook… I just came home from work where I cooked for about 350 people. (We call that a “Slow” day) but when I walked in the house and smelled that tomato jam cooking down? I was all over that shit. I LOVE to cook; actually… I don’t like cooking for myself but for other people? Oh yeah…. I guess that it’s the satisfaction that I get out of it when I hear about how “Everything tastes wonderful” or “It’s too pretty to eat.” (Stuff like that.)

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