Annapolis, MD

If you read our last blog post, then you know that last weekend we had an overnight to Annapolis for my birthday present.  If you didn’t, click here.

After Chef Ted got off of work on Sunday, we set Sybil to navigate us w/ no tolls and no highways hoping for a nice leisurely drive occasionally by the water.  If you don’t know who Sybil is, click here.

We soon realized that instead of water, we were on a course of never ending stoplights.  After Sybil navigated us here, we changed her to just take us via the highway.

Dead End

Seriously Sybil?

We did pass the place that I discovered on a previous day trip where the local nuns go to take their sin off

It'll Take Your Sin Off

The Wawa bathroom w/ a supersonic hand dryer.

Finally, we arrived at our destination.

Loew's Annapolis

When I checked in on Facebook, my friend Tink commented “Finally, they get a room.” LMFAO

Michelle at the front desk was Amazing!  She told us that we were getting a room upgrade.  At which point I looked at Ted and said “Happy Birthday to Me!”  At which point, she said “In that case, you get upgraded again to a room w/ a balcony and complimentary breakfast.”  Michelle Rocks.


Ted now insists he be called Commodore. The flash is obscuring the “Cl” in Class, but I like to believe that life imitates art.


Finally. They admit they CAN be bought.

Starbucks, where the coffee is bitter…


…and so are the employees.

Very quaint little town.  We will definitely be back.




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