The Thing About Delaware

Everybody knows that they are “The First State.”  And, according to Wikipedia…

“The state does not assess sales tax on consumers. The state does, however, impose a tax on the gross receipts of most businesses. Business and occupational license tax rates range from 0.096% to 1.92%, depending on the category of business activity.

Delaware does not assess a state-level tax on real or personal property. Real estate is subject to county property taxes, school district property taxes, vocational school district taxes, and, if located within an incorporated area, municipal property taxes.”

They also do not have a state income tax.  The state line is literally 15 minutes from our house.  Why don’t we live in Delaware and commute?  The public schools are apparently horrible.  Or, so I was led to believe when I lived even closer to the state line in my first house 10 years ago by parents whose children went to the eldest spawn’s preschool.  THEY CHOSE to send their kids to school in Pennsylvania, so don’t sue me Delaware.

What they don’t advertise is how friendly they are.  One thing you notice immediately, is how they like to bid you Welcome.  To every last subdivison that there is.  With…

Delaware Subdivision Signs

…Big Ass Welcome Signs Featuring Paul Revere

We managed to snap pics of about 1/4 of the signs we actually passed on my birthday trip to Annapolis.

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