I think I’m turning into my Mother.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.  The Plant Whisperer is no joke.  Even though I’ve always loved gardening, the GrowDammit gardens will never aspire to what all she’s got going on.  What I didn’t count on was that not only would I love to grow stuff, but I’d really enjoy “putting up” different concoctions made from the produce we’ve nurtured.  Martha not only cans all manner of jellies and jams and the like, but she makes pretty good money selling it.  I aspire to that.  If anyone wants to know what to get Farmer Ted and I for Christmas, a restaurant with a commercial kitchen is on the list.  Now, back to GrowDammit business…

Homemade Salsa Verde

GrowDammit Salsa Verde made from our tomatillos and peppers. 10 jars. Done.

This is probably a good time to blog that a couple of weeks ago we harvested everything we had growing in our summer garden.

GrowDammit Harvest 2012

GrowDammit Harvest Summer 2012…The Finale

Too bad that picture didn’t focus.  Farmer Ted was wearing his Chef hat and wasn’t available to take pictures with the expensive assed camera.


Okra. Small pods for grilling. Large pods to save seeds for next year.

We also managed to save seeds from our arugula and our rattlesnake beans.

Rattlesnake Beans & Lima Beans

Beans. Rattlesnake & Lima. These we blanched and saved for this winter, when we need a little bit of summer to wash the blues away.


The tomatillos that went into the salsa verde. Pretty impressive for only 2 plants.


Peppers. Both hot & sweet.

Even though our peppers didn’t flourish this year, we got enough to make a few things with.


Last but not least, the tomatoes.  The ripe ones went into our latest addiction…spicy tomato jam. The green are going to be made into chow-chow.

Our only real failure was the corn & pumpkins from our 3 Sisters Garden.  The corn stalks were felled by the outer bands of the durecheo that moved through a few months back, and we aren’t sure why we never got any pumpkins?

Don’t worry, we aren’t done yet.  For the fall we are going small w/ collards, swiss chard and brussel sprouts.  I think we’ve outsmarted Thumper by planting those in places in the flower garden next to the house where summer flowers have died back.  So far so good.  We’ve learned in the past that bunny patrol is not Rufus Dragon’s strong suit.

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