I’m going to need some bail money.

Today, while I was at work I missed a phone call from the eldest spawn.  So, I texted him to find out what was up.

carbon monoxide


I called Ted to see if the house was filled with carbon monoxide.  No answer.

Then, I called the eldest spawn.  Even though he is obviously clueless that he might want to be slightly concerned.

Me:  What the hell?

Eldest Spawn:  I’m pretty sure it’s just the battery.

Me:  What if it isn’t?  It didn’t occur to you to crack a window or something?

Eldest Spawn:  Don’t worry Mom.  We aren’t going to die from carbon monoxide.

Me:  Go open the back door to let air in until I can get home.

The spawn argue with each other about who is going to open the back door.

Me:  I have a meeting, please someone just open the damn door.

The spawn argue some more.

Me:  You’d better open that door, so you don’t die before I can get home and strangle you.




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3 responses to “I’m going to need some bail money.

  1. wannabeted

    Like I’m supposed to be surprised.

  2. Spawn. Always a source of entertainment!

    So? Was it the battery?

  3. Yes, it was the battery. Still. *sigh*

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