Go Big or Go Home

We have an 18 1/2 pound turkey.  For two.  That’s right folks, it will be only Farmer Ted and I for tomorrow night’s feast as the spawn will be elsewhere (don’t worry we will send them off with a Thanksgiving breakfast).  I present The Feast, which thus far consists of…

Thanksgiving Menu


And, depending on my mood tomorrow there may be an addition.  What can I say?  We like leftovers.

If you read the blog last year and are astute, then you will notice the one dish that is missing from the menu which makes a hypocrite of me.  If you didn’t read the blog last year, or you are not astute, then you can read about what is missing here.

Since we don’t have a shitton of family descending upon us this year, maybe we will get some pictures of the food.

Also, only one of my neighbors has Christmas lights up and lit this year.  I can’t stand when people jump the gun on holidays and decorating.  One at a time people is my motto.It’s like my prayers to the holiday gods were answered.  I’m not sure if I should be impressed or scared.

Happy Turkey Day Y’all!



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3 responses to “Go Big or Go Home

  1. Pam

    Where is the cranberry sauce in a can?

  2. Pam is both a loyal blog reader and astute. She noticed that I inadvertently left off the cranberry sauce from a can. Don’t worry Pam. It has been purchased and will be present. I can only blame early onset Alzheimers for the omission.

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