As it turns out, I’m a thief.

And, probably so are you.  That is if you plug in your cell phone or any other device that you need to charge while you are at work and you don’t own the business,  according to a friend of mine’s former boss.   Apparently this is considered stealing electricity.

This gets better.

Don’t dare take out the trash bag full of rotten food that is making the entire staff want to vomit.  This is gross insubordination, and makes you an untrustworthy employee.

Who knew?

Feel free to share this blog post with everyone you know.  Consider it a PSA from me to the rest of the poor hardworking shmos out there who are unwittingly stealing and being generally shifty.



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13 responses to “As it turns out, I’m a thief.

  1. Holly S

    Seriously?????? Oh my!!!!!

  2. Pam

    That is ridiculous.

  3. wannabeted

    So obviously… I haven’t been doing jack shit with our blog; I really haven’t had the time for it with the job and all. I’ve decided to “Readjust” my work schedule so I’m now going to look back on some of the previous posts that Farmer Chele put up and let’s see if we can have a few laughs.

    Here’s one thing that IS NOT drawing any laughs from ‘Ol Farmer Ted… And that’s being “Branded” as a thief… Oh… And a liar. I really can’t figure out which is worse… The liar part… Or the thief part. Either way, I really don’t much fuckin’ care for it.

    Pffft. I’m over it.

  4. Clearly a combo of power trip, ego boost and batshit crazy.

  5. Ed (BF)

    And if I use their water to make my coffee is that stealing too? Aw crap that’s it I’m eating meat on Fridays now might as well take it all the way now.

  6. Pam

    So, this is something that actually happened?? What a crock.

  7. I know. As ridiculous as it sounds, it actually happened. What a tool.

  8. Pam

    So, did you hand them three rusty pennies to reimburse them for their precious electricity? This boggles.

  9. Pam

    Umm… I don’t know what that avatar thing is beside my post.

  10. Thegiggler

    Say what on taking out the trash…are you kidding me???

  11. wannabeted

    Yeah….. A can of rotten crab; So I took it to the dumpster… And was written up. Oh well… I guess that it was time to part ways. (So out the fuckin’ door I went.)

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