So. My former boss’ earring ended up in my cleavage today.

And, it was the highlight of her week.

She hugged me goodbye…the silver hoop took a nosedive.

And, it was the highlight of my new boss’ week for different reasons because he is a dude and witnessed the whole thing as I tried to fish it out.   Right in front of him.   Before I turned away in an attempt to kind of be modest.


I don’t even know how to write out the bizarreness and make it more entertaining than that.

I will write about this…I am losing an amazing mentor this past week.  A woman in corporate America who is not only NOT intimidated by an intelligent woman coming into her space, but who recognizes potential and takes the time to teach and challenge a woman who can give her a run for her money and leave her coming back thirsting for more.  And, she doesn’t stop daring you to learn more, be better, fly higher.

This type of woman, unfortunately, is few and far between.  And she is beautiful.  She will be missed.

Her theme song dedicated by me is this Cake “Short Skirt, Long Jacket”


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