Yet another proud spawn moment.

This is what the 7th grade history teacher had to say about his student of the year choice yesterday…

This next individual, I wouldn’t say he always had a smile on his face, but he always had a look on his face like he wanted to ask a question.  There is one thing as a history teacher I like, and that is when I’m challenged.

History isn’t about what happened and exactly what happened and those specific facts.  We have to take a look at documents and try to figure out what happened.  So, it’s very exciting when students dig deeper and doesn’t accept only what’s written and they take a look and try to analyze and review these facts and try to figure out what happened.

This individual was very good and an astounding individual this year in terms of asking those questions.  I’d like to ask to the stage…the youngest spawn.

He didn’t really call him the youngest spawn.  And the not always smiling bit made me laugh because it is totally the youngest spawn.   That and Every Other award winner was revered as always having a smile on his/her face.  Not one other teacher mentioned feeling challenged.

Anyway he continues to amaze me with the progress he makes to overcome some issues that if he let them, would hinder his success in life.  You can read more about that here.

Oh, and he also won music student of the year.  That was part of a larger group of Unified Arts award winners, so there were no individual awards.


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2 responses to “Yet another proud spawn moment.

  1. This post makes me smile.


    Congrats to the not so little youngest Spawn!

  2. My heart to yours Mare. Our spawn are growing, but making huge impact.

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