So, I tried to burn down my house. Again.

I am also convinced that I have early onset Alzheimers.  No, really.  My memory is shot.

Anyway, this is the second time in recent history that I’ve been a menace in my own kitchen.  If you didn’t have the pleasure of reading about the hard boiled egg incident, click here.

Last night, I was innocently searing off a steak on the stove for the youngest spawn when I smelled something off.  I started walking around trying to figure it out, when I saw smoke coming from the oven.  I remembered then the pizza box that I had forgotten before when I turned on broil setting on Hi.  I opened the door and a wall of flames shot out that went half way to the ceiling.

I guess I must have yelled for the spawn, which apparently was a panicky call for help with the fire, and they ran in.  Thank God the eldest spawn knew how to operate the fire extinguisher, because I had a complete and total brain fart.  Way to stay cool in the face of chaos, Mom of the Year.  The fire went out, and flamed back up and then went out.  The smoke was horrific.  We dashed in and out of the house trying to turn on fans and open windows here and there to get it out.  Then we stayed out on the deck until it was tolerable enough to go inside and assess damage…

oven fire aftermath

The Aftermath

oven fire aftermath

Pizza Anyone?

oven fire aftermath

Very funny spawn.

Does anyone have ideas on how to get the smoke smell out of my house?


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3 responses to “So, I tried to burn down my house. Again.

  1. OY! Reminds me of the time my husband was making rocket candy (i.e. that fuel used to shoot those cardboard rockets hundreds of feet into the air) and had left it in the oven to cool, unbeknownst to me !!! I set the oven on broil like yourself, and within a few minutes it actually blew up and blasted the door open and TONS of acrid smoke began pouring out. Naturally I was freaking out since I had no idea….was getting ready to flip the breaker on the entire house. Really wish the door had blown off….then I would have been able to justify getting a new oven. I have no suggestions for the smoke smell BTW other than opening all the windows. Hopefully your closets were all closed otherwise your clothes will not be smelling so good.

  2. wannabeted

    So I missed all of the action; I was at work at the time but WOW! What a fuckin’ mess. So then to add insult to injury while I was using the shop vac to clean some shit up… The filter was all clogged up and started blowing shit all over the house. I swear to God. (And people ask Me why I drink…)

    On the plus side… Thank God that the house didn’t burn down. I’ve heard stories from friends who’ve been through a house fire. From what I can gather, it’s a real pain in the ass; So I’ll pass on all of that shit.

  3. Try Ozone spray. You can get it in auto stores. Took the smoke smell right out of the RAV’s AC system when I quit smoking. You’d never know a smoker drove it for years. If you have central air, I’d spray it right into the exchange while the fan is running. If not then just it up all the fabric in the house and see how it does.

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