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Fool Me Once

Dear Tim Cook,

The third Apple piece of shit iPhone that I’ve had to replace in the last 3 1/2 years crapped out on me today.  The Third.  In under 3 1/2 years?  Double shame on me Tim.

Frankly Tim, I smell a rat.  How come whenever I have to drive 30 minutes to the Apple store then wait 30 minutes to be seen despite my appointment all the while watching a bazillion blue shirts just standing around, there is never an easy fix?  Why am I told that for $150 dollars, I can get a refurb older piece of shit to replace the latest brand new one that I bought less than a year and a half before? I think it’s a little fishy that it falls just shy of my 2-year contract period, so I have to shell out even more for a new one.  Every Single Time.

Why for God’s sake, can’t you ever fix them?  Or here’s an idea…why don’t you actually put out a product that, I don’t know, is truly worth what you ask for it AND works for more than a minute?  While we’re at it, why don’t we talk about the shitty accessories you give away with them?

I’m sure you don’t give a rat’s ass Tim about me or my rant, but I am never EVER giving one thin dime to your company again.  I’m saying Good Riddance to an underwhelming hunk of garbage.  Your features are archaic and clunky, the apps are useless and your camera is truly pathetic.  My very first Polaroid took better pictures.  It was a Barbie edition, and I was 7.


Going to be Getting an Android Very Soon



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Rufus Dragon Strikes Again

And, I missed the entire thing.

So Rufus and Ted were hanging out in the garage, when all of the sudden the Dragon goes tearing out into the front yard raising hell.  Ted figured he was after the neighbor’s cat who likes to come into our yard and taunt him, so he walked out to save the cat document the hilaria.

Much to his surprise, it wasn’t a cat.  It wasn’t a dog.  It wasn’t a random person walking down the street.  It wasn’t the UPS, FedEx or postman.  It wasn’t a leaf blowing in the wind.  All of which have been the subject of his wrath numerous times.

What was it you ask?

Rufus Dragon versus the Groundhog

Rufus Dragon versus the Groundhog


Click on the picture to see the Dragon in his full glory.

Did you know a groundhog can climb trees?  I didn’t.  Ted didn’t.  Actually I lied because I didn’t miss the entire event.  I got home from work just in time to Watch A Groundhog Climb Down Out Of A Tree.  Backwards.  What?

Looks like the Dragon has stepped up his security detail.  If you don’t know what I mean by that, click here.

We have video, but apparently we have to pay $60 a year to post video to the blog now.  The hell WordPress?

To see the video, go to the Dragon’s Facebook page and Like it.  We’ll post it later tonight.


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