Rufus Dragon Strikes Again

And, I missed the entire thing.

So Rufus and Ted were hanging out in the garage, when all of the sudden the Dragon goes tearing out into the front yard raising hell.  Ted figured he was after the neighbor’s cat who likes to come into our yard and taunt him, so he walked out to save the cat document the hilaria.

Much to his surprise, it wasn’t a cat.  It wasn’t a dog.  It wasn’t a random person walking down the street.  It wasn’t the UPS, FedEx or postman.  It wasn’t a leaf blowing in the wind.  All of which have been the subject of his wrath numerous times.

What was it you ask?

Rufus Dragon versus the Groundhog

Rufus Dragon versus the Groundhog


Click on the picture to see the Dragon in his full glory.

Did you know a groundhog can climb trees?  I didn’t.  Ted didn’t.  Actually I lied because I didn’t miss the entire event.  I got home from work just in time to Watch A Groundhog Climb Down Out Of A Tree.  Backwards.  What?

Looks like the Dragon has stepped up his security detail.  If you don’t know what I mean by that, click here.

We have video, but apparently we have to pay $60 a year to post video to the blog now.  The hell WordPress?

To see the video, go to the Dragon’s Facebook page and Like it.  We’ll post it later tonight.


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7 responses to “Rufus Dragon Strikes Again

  1. Bo Gray

    It’s in his lineage per E.B. White’s comments “Fred, too, saw in every bird, every squirrel, every housefly, every rat, every skunk, every porcupine, a security risk and a present danger to the republic.” Rufus, no doubt, seeing that E.B. failed to mention “every groundhog”, felt it his duty to add the giant rodent to the list of clear and present danger to our very freedoms.

  2. wannabeted

    So whenever I first moved to the Northeast, one of my first episodes of “What the fuck is THAT?!” happened… It was a groundhog. Groundhogs really don’t hang out around the sea islands where we’re from so that explains why I never saw one; Anyways… To make a long story short… I first saw the groundhog in our garden and at first… I thought it was a little pig or a… I dunno. No clue. That was the first episode. The second time… I was all lit up and found myself transfixed with a stupid firefly; I even went so far as to run and get Chele. “What the fuck is THAT?!” (It’s ass was all glowing) She shot Me that look of…. “You’re a fucking idiot.” Whatever. Three Mile Island is pretty close to where we’re at so it’s no tellin’ WHAT kinda atomic, radioactive bullshit that we have flying around. Anyways.

    So I’m sitting in the garage looking at our new snowblower and Rufus went tearing OFF out of the garage so fast… The only thing that he left behind was a vapor trail so I took off behind him and BOOM… There it was. A Groundhog… In the tree. I was going to fly in and get the super bad ass Nikon camera to get a close up but then I though about every good picture that I’ve missed because i’m always looking for something that belongs with the camera… Battery… memory card… Shit like that. I just went for it with camera phone. Absolutely one of the best pictures that I’ve ever taken. it’s not “Bowman Gray Quality” but it’s not too bad. Bo takes pictures of cool shit like… Steve Martin playing a banjo onstage… Or Richard Petty hanging out being Richard Petty. I take pictures of my dog chasing a groundhog up a tree; I guess that it’s a step in the right direction because I usually take pictures of glasses of wine. Pints of beer. Vegetables. Jaguars being towed off to the jag doctor… Shit like that.

  3. wannabeted

    I forgot… 60 bucks to post a video on OUR BLOG… That WE PAID FOR… Is complete and utter bullshit.

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