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Coming Soon…

If you are here because of Farmer Ted’s cryptic Facebook post about us selling a piece of shit house, bare with us.  The man has a blog post in mind.  And he has ADD.  Clearly there is no blog post at this moment.  He does have something in mind, so check back with us regularly.



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Fresh from the GrowDammit Gardens…

growdammit tomato sauce

Red sauce made from GrowDammit tomatoes and herbs.

These are the last of the ripe tomatoes people.  I think it’s gotten to chilly up here at GrowDammit Central, so we will be pulling the vines out of the ground and harvesting the green tomatoes for chow-chow.  Of course, we will have to reserve a few for fried green tomato and pimento cheese sandwiches.  *drool*


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Because handicapped sock monkeys need love too…

You read that right.

sock monkey missing an arm

What’s wrong with this picture?

sock monkey missing an arm

We found him in the bargain bin.

sock monkey

They didn’t even give him a smile.

If you don’t know about our sordid sock monkey history, click here.  Also search our blog for more sock monkey fun.






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It’s that time of year again…

It’s 57 degrees right now in good ol’ Yankeeland, so you know what that means.  Toddler Pants.  That’s right people.  Ted just walked in the Family Room with his on.  This time he’s wearing his Wikipedia hoodie instead of his Rocky sweatshirt.

If you are confused, click here.

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