Because handicapped sock monkeys need love too…

You read that right.

sock monkey missing an arm

What’s wrong with this picture?

sock monkey missing an arm

We found him in the bargain bin.

sock monkey

They didn’t even give him a smile.

If you don’t know about our sordid sock monkey history, click here.  Also search our blog for more sock monkey fun.







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3 responses to “Because handicapped sock monkeys need love too…

  1. wannabeted

    So there we were at the store and “BOOM!” (A sock monkey.) Four bucks! It took Me aboutthisquick to snatch him up. You know those clearance racks in the middle of the aisle where… actually… It’s a bunch of bullshit that no one wants. Here’s an example. Gentle glide tampons. Now… Who in the fuck is gonna buy tampons that are on the clearance rack? Not me. Pack of rubbers? On the clearance rack?! Anyways. So We grab the Sock monkey and to tell ya the truth? (I’m feeling pretty sunny about the newest addition to the family.)


    Either I’ve had too much (Of whatever) or… Something’s just not right with this thing. I grab his tail and it’s his arm. Where his ass is. Where his arm SHOULD BE… There’s nothing there…. There’s no tail… At all. I’m all flippin’ the thing upside down, looking at it like this and that and then it hits Me. Not only is the thing all fucked up… It’s frowning looking all mean and shit. We ended up with a pissed off lookin’… Fucked up… Short bus ridin’… Sock Monkey. (Which actually… Makes him even cooler.) So We kept him. (Made in China.) iPhones are made in China. I’ll just quit while I’m ahead.

  2. Do all sock monkey creatures look like they have a smile on their butt? Perhaps I have never noticed as they usually have a *tail* sewn there….lol!

    Have you given him a name yet?

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