Coming Soon…

If you are here because of Farmer Ted’s cryptic Facebook post about us selling a piece of shit house, bare with us.  The man has a blog post in mind.  And he has ADD.  Clearly there is no blog post at this moment.  He does have something in mind, so check back with us regularly.



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3 responses to “Coming Soon…

  1. 🙂 Waiting for Farmer Ted’s typing fingers to catch up with his ever so quickly moving brain…

    • wannabeted

      I’m trying to figure out how in the HELL to do all of this shit from the phone. I just got the app for the phone after the “BIG APPLE UPDATE” so I’m trying to figure it all out. I have shit to do today so I’m gonna mess around with it here and there. Patience is a virtue.

      Or so they say.

  2. wannabeted

    Blogger was so much easier but it has that “Hokey” look. We decided to change the format and it was such a bitch for me to figure out so I lost interest for a while but now I’m starting to come around.

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