GrowDammit Green Tomato Chow-Chow

I realize that we didn’t blog about our garden this year at all, and I am blaming the shitty weather we had up here in Yankeeland this summer.  We had so much rain that nothing thrived.  Our tomatoes did okay, but we had many vines that never even bore fruit or if they did they didn’t ripen before they burst open or rotted on the vine.  Bambi and Thumper didn’t help matters by munching on our okra and sweet peppers.  The birds ate our raspberries.  Every last one of them.  Sometimes, you just can’t win.   We’ll chalk this up to yet another learning experience.

tomatoes from the GrowDammit gardens

Fortunately, we were able to harvest 20 pounds of green tomatoes this past week.

Ted had the past two days off, so I took a couple of vacation days.  He was looking forward to some quality nap time.  I had other ideas.

Chopped veggies for green tomato chow chow.

Yesterday was spent chopping veggies…

mixed veggies for green tomato chow chow

And prepping them for the pickling process.

green tomato chow chow

Today was spent pickling and canning them.

48 jars of GrowDammit green tomato chow chow

48 jars of them.

I’m pretty proud of us.  This is our most ambitious canning endeavor yet, since I realized I was indeed turning into my mother.  She’s the plant whisperer, who coincidentally had a birthday yesterday.  Click here to read about how she totally kicks our gardening asses.

I’m especially proud of Farmer Ted the Chef, who spent his time off cooking and didn’t even complain about it.  Much.



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4 responses to “GrowDammit Green Tomato Chow-Chow

  1. Cols

    Cheezus! Those pics look professional, almost fake. You put us mere mortals to shame Meesh and Ted. Damnnnn
    But niceeeeee!

  2. wannabeted

    So We’ve figured out that You HAFTA hand chop the veggies (Which is a pain in the ass) but it’s the only way to go. Once We got into our groove, things went by pretty fast; Also having the right tools for the job is key. We were trying to pick up the boiling hot jars with a pair of shitty tongs and it wasn’t working out all that well until Chele went and bought the “Jar picker upper” tongs. Great invention!

    I don’t think that I complained at all, actually. Maybe I did… Who knows. I’m easily pacified if there’s some beers around and there’s ALWAYS beers around here so It’s rare that I bitch about anything but when I do… it’s a bitchfest. All in all it was a pretty good couple of days off. Work called me in yesterday and I didn’t even see the call until 9:40 last night. Sorry Beth.

  3. Crystal Page

    Love your stories!

  4. wannabeted

    Well HOLY SHIT! Crystal figured it out!

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