Man Down

sock monkey

Don’t even ask.


Confused?  Here are our sock monkey chronicles…

How it All Began

Sock Monkey Madness on Pinterest

My Friends are Sickos

The Spawn Get in On It

Our Sock Monkey Population is Growing

Another Sock Monkey Movie Re-Enactment

And Another

Handicapped Sock Monkeys Need Love Too




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6 responses to “Man Down

  1. Bo

    That day finally came when a money flew out of his butt, unfortunately the monkey’s timing was terrible.

  2. wannabeted

    Obviously…. Having the sock monkey hanging off the side of the basket (Right above the toilet) wasn’t such a great idea. Oh well. At least we know that He floats. It’s not like We sit around and try to figure out blog posts for our sock monkeys…. We just have them ALL OVER the fucking house and the most random shit happens to them. Please note the cleanliness of the toilet. That’s how We roll.

  3. The Monkey just wanted a swim! He was trying to hold on to the idea of summer for as long as possible. 😉

  4. wannabeted

    Sorry Mare… Ben dropped him in the toilet.

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