Rufus Dragon is Passive Aggressive

And, he’s increasingly becoming a real pain in the ass about it.  I Googled passive aggressive behavior in dogs.  He exhibits all of the classic signs:

  • Nudging and whining to get attention – This is what we call “herding.”  He jumps on our legs and pushes us in the direction of where he wants us to go.  If we remain unmoved, stare at him and say “What?” he whines.  His whining makes him sound like a Wookie (May the Fourth Be With You btw).
  • Refusing to walk with a leash – The Dragon doesn’t exactly refuse to walk on a leash, but it clearly confuses him.  If there is a post, pole, other human around to get tangled with…he will.  I’m not entirely convinced that it it’s the leash that stresses him out, more than likely it’s the exercise or being outside of his kingdom or being in a crowd.
  • Hiding or running away when you get home – This actually happens when he has done something he knows he shouldn’t have…getting in the trash being the biggest offense.  It might also have been because he has tried to steal your spiral ham or your parmesan cheese.
  • Selective deafness – He has discovered that the electric fence is no longer in operation and has been enjoying his freedom.  The jackass has mastered the art of staring off in the opposite direction when caught moving too far outside of his boundaries.  If we have to go and chase him down because he won’t come when called, he actually skirts us and hauls ass back into the house…then does the hiding thing under the bed in the guestroom.  Funny, he can hear the treat jar being opened over a mile away.

Lately, he’s been trying to dictate suppertime.  His most recent annoying habit is to paw at his bowl if we are in the kitchen making supper.  I look at him and tell him to stop it, which he does and then he does this…

rufusdragon and his food bowl

I am wasting away into nothing.


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4 responses to “Rufus Dragon is Passive Aggressive

  1. Cols

    Lol. Sounds like our dog of late. Let me know if you find the answer to their unabashed poor behavior.

  2. Mare

    Hmmmm. I guess The Dragon hasn’t figured out that there is a new King in the house. 😉

  3. They both get more ornery in their old age Mare.

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