It turns out that we are condiment whores.

We had burger sliders for supper tonight, and I pulled out a bunch of different condiments and fixin’s so that everyone could mix and match.  When I went to put everything away, I realized we have a bit of a problem.


An entire shelf of the refrigerator dedicated to condiments.

A whole shelf!  Full of mostly homemade (some store bought) jams, jellies, spreads, dipping sauces, bbq sauces and pickled stuff.  This is in addition to…


The entire refrigerator door.

There are no less than seven different types of mustard here and two different Sriracha.  There are steak sauces and salad dressings, as well as all manner of Asian sauces with a healthy dose of Mexican.  Does anyone else have a fridge where almost half of it is dominated by stuff to dip and/or cover other stuff in?

I’m kind of scared to show you our pantry at this point.  We also have a bit of a spice habit.


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3 responses to “It turns out that we are condiment whores.

  1. wannabeted

    Cranberry mustard…. Let Me start off by saying that cranberry mustard tastes like SHIT… If you ever come up with the grand idea that cranberry mustard would taste great on a pork sandwich? (Don’t be fooled.) The only thing that’s gonna happen is that you’re gonna fuck up a perfectly good piece of bread;

  2. Crystal Page

    You ain’t got nuttin on me!!!

  3. I think we are tied on the mustard count. Mark loves his mustards….lol!

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