Growdammit Central hits the biggish time.

I guess this makes us an unofficial locally sourced suburban farm…

black raspberries

3 more pints of black raspberries sold to Farmer Ted’s restaurant, bringing the total to 6!

Next up – heirloom tomatoes and peppers.


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2 responses to “Growdammit Central hits the biggish time.

  1. Nice! 🙂

    What is Farmer Ted planning on creating with them?

  2. wannabeted

    We’re doing a bread pudding… BUT…. You slice the whole thing in to slices; Like it’s a loaf of bread…. I could go into details but I’ll just take some pictures instead. I’m off today but the next time that I make some… (Tomorrow… ) I’ll take some pictures and it’ll be “Step by step.”

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