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GrowDammit Tomatoes are Poppin’

We are starting to harvest some cherry and pear.  What have we been doing with them?

getting ready to grill some veggies

Grilling them for fajitas.

blt salad

And putting them in a BLT salad.

yellow zebra tomato

And in the case of the lonely yellow zebra tomato, slicing it up and stuffing it in our pieholes.

The yellow zebra was interesting, sweet with just a hint of tart.  It would make a nice fried tomato – not as tangy as a plain green one.

Stay tuned for more heirloom news from GrowDammit Central.


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Fresh from the GrowDammit Gardens…

growdammit tomato sauce

Red sauce made from GrowDammit tomatoes and herbs.

These are the last of the ripe tomatoes people.  I think it’s gotten to chilly up here at GrowDammit Central, so we will be pulling the vines out of the ground and harvesting the green tomatoes for chow-chow.  Of course, we will have to reserve a few for fried green tomato and pimento cheese sandwiches.  *drool*


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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Farmer Ted and I were picking tomatoes on Sunday, and when we were done my back hurt like I had pulled a muscle.  The next day at work, I bent over to pack up our marketing box for a conference this week and heard/felt a pop in the same area.  The pain almost took me to my knees.  Yesterday morning I woke up and the pain was unbearable, so I went to the doctor.  The verdict…herniated disc.  To add insult to injury, they didn’t even give me any good drugs.  Acetaminophen doctor?  Really? At least I am feeling the love from my heating pad.

Tonight, Farmer Ted had to pick the tomatoes by himself, because they are trying to kill me.


We are officially up to our eyeballs in tomatoes.

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GrowDammit Bounty

Yummy things are ready to harvest…

GrowDammit Bounty

…rattlesnake beans, cherry toms, bell peppers, hot peppers, okra and hungarian wax peppers.

Because we only had 4, we grilled the okra.  And, then we had to fight over them.  *drool*  I love me some fried okra, but it is really good grilled.  The only other way I like okra is in okra rice.  Okay, so that’s a lie.  I also like it in a gumbo.  I do not like it stewed with tomatoes.

We also had to take care of a small garden emergency.  Because the ground up here is so saturated, all of our tomato cages had fallen over under the weight of the fruiting vines.  It was a mess.  We had to stake up all of the cages.  This would have been no big deal, except the mandibles with wings had a field day with my ankles.  Despite the bug spray.  I probably have West Nile now.  Thanks garden.

Aly’s Okra Rice

  • sliced okra
  • rice cooked in chicken broth
  • cooked bacon, crumbled (reserve the bacon fat)

Heat up a little of your bacon fat in a skillet and saute your okra in that.  Stir the okra into the rice and cook it in the oven At 350 in a casserole dish for 15-20 minutes.  Stir in your crumbled bacon.

I think I got that right.  Aly is my sister.  Hopefully she’ll chime in if I screwed it up.



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